Learners would be taught the basics of Auslan language.  Auslan is short for Australian sign language, a language developed by, and for, Australians who are deaf or hearing
impaired.  It’s a visual form of communication that uses hand, arm and body movements to convey meaning of words and sentences.

Auslan relies on a combination of hand shapes, movements and facial expressions to deliver messages.  These can include a combination of:

  • Hand shapes – Auslan has 38 hand shapes with 28 variants
  • Orientation – This is the direction of your palm and hand in relation to your body.  For example, making a sign near the head suggests ‘thinking’.
  • Location – Signs are made near different parts of the body to convey meaning
  • Movement – Small or large movements of the head, arms and hands can suggest different words
  • Expression – Head and facial movements or expressions are used to convey emotion and emphasis

This course can assist learners with employment opportunities in the disability sector.  It can also lead to further certificates II, III & IV in Auslan.

Course Duration - 6-8 weeks @ 3 hour sessions

Cost: To be advised

When: To be advised



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