A Justice of the Peace (JP) volunteer is here to assist you and other community members, by providing document witnessing and certification services.

JP volunteers act as independent witnesses for documents used for official or legal purposes.  They have the power to witness a range of legal documents, including statutory declarations and affidavits, and to certify true copies of documents.

Key areas our JP volunteer can assist you with;

  • Attesting to the execution of a document
  • Witnessing a statutory declaration
  • Witnessing an affidavit for use in court
  • Certifying true copies of an original document
  • Certifying a person’s identity

Services are FREE via appointment. Call us on 03 5772 1238 to book.

JP volunteers play an important role in the Justice system and provide a valuable and accessible service to all members of the community.  JPs are volunteers appointed by the Governor-in-Council on the recommendation of the Attorney-General in accordance with section 7 of the Honorary Justices Act 2014.  JP volunteers are part of a collective group known as Honorary Justices. As such, there is an expectation that JP volunteers will respect, observe and adhere to the highest levels of personal, social, and community standards of integrity and professionalism to ensure that all Victorians are provided with an independent, fair, and impartial service.  The role of a JP volunteer is customer focused and administrative as they provide document witnessing and certification services to the broader community both during and outside business hours.

Providing nationally recognised certificate courses and other services to the Alexandra community.

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